Aging Aircraft Course | Aircraft Structural Accidents | Aircraft Composites | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA
Corrosion of Aircraft Structures | Composite Structures | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis


Aircraft Structures and Repair Analysis


  1. Design and Repair Considerations 3 Hours
    • FARs Pertinent to Aircraft Maintenance
    • Safe Life and Fail-Safe Criteria
    • USAF Damage Tolerance Guidelines
    • Continued Airworthiness of Structural Repairs on Transport Airplanes (FAA)
    • External & Internal Loads
  2. Aircraft Parts Subjected to Major Repairs 5 Hours
    Box Beams, Wings and Control Surfaces, Skin Panels, Stringers, Chords, Spars, Compression Members, Struts, Fuselage, Longerons, Cargo Compartments, Slats, Leading Edges, Pressure Bulkheads, Empennage, ....
  3. Engine Mount Design Fundamentals 2 Hours
  4. Materials Properties and Selection 4 Hours
    A, B & S Values, Grain Orientation Effects, Comparison of Several Aluminum Alloys, Fatigue and Crack Growth Properties, Steels, Titanium Alloys, Composites, Stress Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement, Shot Peening, .....
  5. Joints and Splices 5 Hours
    Mechanical Fastening Systems--Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, HiLoks, Rivets, Single Shear, Double Shear, Joint Load Distribution, Analysis & Allowables, Oversize, Fastener Allowables, Shearouts, Countersinks, Edge Margins.
  6. Repair Design 10 Hours
    Tips and Guidelines, Allowable Damage Criteria and Minimal Cleanups, Eccentric Loads, Shims, Plugs, Stress Concentrations, Doublers, Trim Outs and Blend Outs, Dents, Dings, Bushings, Fatigue Inhibitors, Crack Retardation, Coldworked Holes, Shear Ties, Shear Beams, SRM Repair Examples, ....
  7. Composite and Bonded Repairs in Aircraft 3 Hours
    including Damage Tolerance of Repairs, & Repair Structural Integrity

An additional chapter on Damge Tolerance Analysis of Structural Repair on Aircraft will be added.




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Aircraft Structural Accidents | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA | Corrosion of Aircraft Structures
Composite Structures | Aircraft Composites | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
 Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis | Aging Aircraft Course

Typical duration of class is four days,
though longer and shorter versions are possible using the same syllabus.
This syllabus is for guidance only; the syllabus may change retaining the current flavor.

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