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Mechanics of Composite Materials

This course is a survey of current theory and practrices in composite materials, with particular application to flight structures. Each student will receive a Composites Fracture Mechanics manual in addition to course notes.

Topic Proposed Hours
Why composites? 35 min.
Laminae and laminates 35 min.
Anisotropic stress-strain relations 35 min.
Orthrotropy and engineering constants 35 min.
Thermosets and thermoplastics 35 min.
Various resins and matrices 35 min.
Tsai-Hill theory for strength 35 min.
Laminae stiffness predictions 35 min.
Tensile and compression behavior of laminae 35 min.
Symmetric, antisymmetric and nonsymmetric laminates 70 min.
Thermal and mechanical stress analysis 1 hr. 45 min.
Bending of laminates 70 min.
Vibration properties 70 min.
Buckling characteristics 70 min.
Fatigue of composites 1 hr. 45 min.
Fracture mechanics applied to composite structures 2 hr. 20 min.
Failure modes in composites 70 min.
Delaminations 70 min.
Fiber pullout 35 min.
Matrix cracking 70 min.
Thermal & moisture effects 70 min.
Computer programs for analysis of composites structures 2 hr. 20 min.
Total Hours 24


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Aircraft Structural Accidents | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA | Corrosion of Aircraft Structures
Composite Structures | Aircraft Composites | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
 Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis | Aging Aircraft Course

Typical duration of class is four days,
though longer and shorter versions are possible using the same syllabus.
This syllabus is for guidance only; the syllabus may change retaining the current flavor.

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