Aging Aircraft Course | Aircraft Structural Accidents | Aircraft Composites | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA
Corrosion of Aircraft Structures | Composite Structures | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis


Composites in Aircraft Structures

Who should attend:
Aircraft Structural Engineers, Airline and Helicopter Maintenance Engineers and Senior Technicians, Design Engineers, Civil Aviation Administrators.

  1. Introduction
    Why Composites? Reinforcement Optimization Aircraft Weight, Thermal and Stiffness Properties Fatigue Resistance
  2. Fibers
    Glass Graphite Aramid Boron Alumina Asbestos
    Grades, Strengths, Surface Treatments, Physical, Chemical, Fatigue & Impact Properties
  3. Resins
    Epoxy Maleimide Phenolic Polyimide Thermosetting and Thermoplastic Systems
  4. Joining
    Bonded Joints: Surface Preparation and Adhesive Selection, Wettability and Bonding, Configurations, Single-lap, Double-lap, Stepped-lap, Scarf Joints Mechanically Fastened Joints: Fastener Selection, Hole Preparation, Lay-up and Stacking Sequence, Joint Dimensions, Design Considerations
  5. Environment
    Temperature Effects, Corrosion, Moisture Ingression, Thermal Spike, Hygrothermal Aging, Weathering, Erosion, Lightning, Stress Corrosion, Blistering
    Case Studies: Westland Sea King & WG.30 Helicopters, Boeing 737 Spoiler, Lockheed L-1011 Fairing, Douglas DC-10 Rudder & Aft Pylon, C-130 Wing Box, CH-54 Fuselage, USAF F-15, A-7D, F-111, US Navy F-14 Horizontal Stabilizer, H-46 Rotor Blades
  6. Design, Applications
    Mechanism of Reinforcement, Structural Sandwich Systems, Transport and Fighter Aircraft, Propeller Blades, Helicopter Blades, Jet Engines.
    Case Studies: Gossamer Albatross, Boeing-Vertol Rotor Blades, Beech Starship
  7. Micro/Macro Mechanisms
    Isotropic and Orthotropic Laminae, Micromechanical Analysis of Continuous Fiber and Discontinuous Fiber Laminae, Laminated Beams and Plates, Interlaminar Stresses and Edge Effects
  8. Damage, Fracture
    Failure Criteria, Debonding, Fiber Pullout, Delamination, Matrix Cracking, Toughness Enhancement of Matrices, Damage-based Strength Model, Failure Mechanisms and Toughness Maps, Fatigue Damage Mechanics and Lifetime Prediction, Variable Amplitude Loading Effects
  9. Defects, Testing, Quality Control
    A List of Defects, Material Quality Revalidation, BVID (Barely Visible Impact Damage), Visual Inspection, Tap Test, Through Transmission and Pulse-Echo Ultrasonics, Dry-coupled Roller Probes, Air-coupled Probes, Ultrasonic Spectroscopy, SIAM R-theta System, X-ray Radiography, Eddy Current, Neutron Radiography, Acoustic Emission, Mechanical Impedance Testing, Thermography
    Case Study: Automated Ultrasonic Inspection System for In-service CF-18
  10. Repair
    Bonded vs. Bolted Repairs, Combined Bolted/Bonded Repairs, Adhesive Testing, Surface Treatments, Anodizing, Special Considerations in Skin Repairs, Life Prediction, Crack Patching, Mirage III Lower Wing Skin Case Study, Thermal Analysis, The Airworthiness Patch, Crack Growth, Relative Hot/Wet Strengths of Various Repair Configurations
    Case Study: US Navy H-46 Composite Rotor Blade Repair, YAV-8B Composite Wing Skin Repair, S-3A Spoiler, F-4J Doors, L1011 Fin, AH-1 Rotor Blade, Mirage III Lower Wing Skin.





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Aircraft Structural Accidents | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA | Corrosion of Aircraft Structures
Composite Structures | Aircraft Composites | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
 Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis | Aging Aircraft Course

Typical duration of class is four days,
though longer and shorter versions are possible using the same syllabus.
This syllabus is for guidance only; the syllabus may change retaining the current flavor.

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