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Aging Aircraft Course



  1. Things that 'age' an Aircraft 1 hour
    Fatigue Crack Initiation & Propagation, Corrosion, Foreign Damage, Synergistic Failure Modes, Susceptibility of High Strength Materials
  2. Convertible in the Sky!! 1 hour
    Deadly Corrosion + Fatigue Combination, Short-Hop Flights -- Effect of Spectrum on Aging, Inspections, Important Lesson on Fail-Safe.
  3. Fail Safe, Safe Life & Damage Tolerance 2 hours
    Structural Illustrations, Safety Factors, Miner's Myth, Fracture Mechanics Fundamentals, Crack Growth Example, Practical Data, Residual Strength
  4. Airworthiness Assurance Task Force Findings 2 hours
    Human Factors, NDT Technology, Inspector/mechanic Training, Maintenance Communications, Fatigue Testing
  5. Multiple Site Damage 1 hour
  6. How Aging affects Fail-Safety 1 hour
    Case Study: Boeing 747 Flap Track Assembly Stress Corrosion
  7. Aircraft Certification -- Transport and Commuter 1 hour
  8. Wear Protection 1 hour
  9. Fretting Fatigue 2 hours
    Case Study: A Helicopter Impeller Failure
  10. Hydrogen Embrittlement - Fasteners 1 hour
  11. Corrosion Overview 2 hours
    General Attack, Pitting, Intergranular Corrosion, Crevice Corrosion, Exfoliation and Microbiological Corrosion, Stress Corrosion, Corrosion Fatigue
  12. Corrosion Control Methods 3 hours
    Designs to Minimize Corrosion, MIL-S-5002, MIL-F-7179, NAVAIR 01-1A-509, NDI, Materials Selection, Treatments, Coatings, Amlguard, Unicoat
  13. Lap Splice Cracking Data 1 hour
  14. NASA Aging Aircraft Efforts 1 hour
  15. Engine Integrity 2 hours
    Turbine Disk Failure Modes, Bursting, Plasticity, Hi-Cycle & Low-Cycle Fatigue, Retirement for Cause, Short Crack Data ENSIP, Engine DTA, Case Study: United Airlines DC-10-10/CF6-6D Accident, Sioux City, Iowa
    Fan Disk Investigations, Airline Inspections, The Role of FAA
  16. Loads 1 hour
    Flight Loads Data Collection, Structures Technology, Ground and Handling loads, Truncation, Clipping, Omission
  18. Nondestructive Inspection on Aging Fleet 2 hours
    D checks, Thermography, Probability of Detection Curves, X-ray,
    Bolt-hole Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, Penetrant
  19. Nondestructive Testing of Aging Aircraft 1 hour
  20. Pressure Test 1 hour
    Proof Tests Advantages and Disadvantages
  21. Repair Techniques 1 hour
    Unique Problems in Multi-Site Damage, Composite Repair Methods, the Airworthiness Patch
  22. Use of Damage Tolerance in Maintaining Airworthiness 2 hours
  23. Cracks at Structural Holes 3 hours
    Fatigue Life Enhancement, Cold Working of Holes to Extend Airframe Life, Stress Intensity Factors, Cracks at Loaded Holes, Multiple Holes, Crack Growth Acceleration
  24. Composites Fatigue & Damage Tolerance 2 hours
    Delaminations, Stiffness Losses, Fastener Hole Integrity, Impact Damage, Residual Strength Predictions, Moisture Ingression, Environmental Damage
  25. Emerging Technology For Aging Aircraft 1 hour
    Photogrammetry, Moire Motion Detection, Shearograph, New Holographic Techniques
    • Avionics Corrosion Control
    • Crashworthiness
    • Paint Stripping
    • Shot Peening

"There were many practical problems used as examples. Students were encouraged to ask questions. Every question asked was answered thoroughly by Sam. Sam is an excellent instructor."



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Aircraft Structural Accidents | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA | Corrosion of Aircraft Structures
Composite Structures | Aircraft Composites | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
 Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis | Aging Aircraft Course

Typical duration of class is four days,
though longer and shorter versions are possible using the same syllabus.
This syllabus is for guidance only; the syllabus may change retaining the current flavor.

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