Aging Aircraft Course | Aircraft Structural Accidents | Aircraft Composites | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA
Corrosion of Aircraft Structures | Composite Structures | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis


Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis

1. Review of Mode I - III, Fracture Toughness, Beta Factors, Residual Strength, Crack Growth Laws

2. Short Cracks, Aircraft Engine Implications, Inapplicability of Paris' Law, da/dN Data for Small Cracks

3. Spectrum Generation, Fighter Aircraft Considerations, Transport Category Aircraft, Trainers, Mission Mixes, Effects of Truncation, Clipping, Packaged Spectra, Condensed Spectra

4. Advanced Fracture Mechanics Analyses Incorporating Thermal Gradients and Residual Stresses, Interference Fit Fasteners, Stop-drill Holes, Cold Expansion of Holes as a Fatigue Preventive, Analysis and Measurement of Various Types of Residual Stresses, Estimates of Relaxation

5. Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics, Chances of Missing A Crack, Risk Assessments

6. Fail Safe Structures, Redundant Load Paths, Crack Arrest, Skin-Stiffener Combinations, Analysis Data, Examples

7. Fractography, Failure Analysis

8. Advances in Damage Tolerance Techniques, FAA Airplane Damage Tolerance Requirements, USAF Fighter and Transport Category Requirements, Initial Flaw Assumptions, Refined Material Selection Concepts, Determination of Inspection Requirements

9. Fracture Mechanics and Damage Tolerance Applied to Aging Fleet, Corrosion Fatigue, SCC, Fretting Fatigue, Widespread Fatigue Damage, Muti-site Damage

10. Composites Fracture Mechanics

11. Additional Topics Requested by Customer



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Aircraft Structural Accidents | Fatigue, Fracture Mech, DTA | Corrosion of Aircraft Structures
Composite Structures | Aircraft Composites | A/C Structural Repair Analysis
 Advanced Damage Tolerance Analysis | Aging Aircraft Course

Typical duration of class is four days,
though longer and shorter versions are possible using the same syllabus.
This syllabus is for guidance only; the syllabus may change retaining the current flavor.

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